Saying it's a "global problem", the government's main talking point, is a half-truth at best, I argue.
Nick and I argued that Barro's 1979 tax smoothing result is due to his quadratic loss function. We identified what we dubbed a "precautionary taxation…
Tiff Macklem admits the Bank got some things wrong in tackling inflation. Better later than never.....
The March data belies this notion -- with CPI inflation year on year at a whopping 6.7 percent.
In particular, does it accept that loose monetary policies, not just "global factors", are a proximate cause?
Budget doesn't sufficiently acknowledge the fiscal deficit or inflation problem, I argue.
Even though inflation is a "global problem," our inflation problem is made in Canada, by the Bank of Canada, and the solution lies at home.
Dear Friends I’ve been invited as an expert witness to give testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (FINA), on the inflation…
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