Even if our problems are, in part, global, the solution can’t be outsourced to New York, Geneva, or Davos — the solution is right here at home in Canada.
Saying it's a "global problem", the government's main talking point, is a half-truth at best, I argue.
Nick and I argued that Barro's 1979 tax smoothing result is due to his quadratic loss function. We identified what we dubbed a "precautionary taxation…
Tiff Macklem admits the Bank got some things wrong in tackling inflation. Better later than never.....
The March data belies this notion -- with CPI inflation year on year at a whopping 6.7 percent.
In particular, does it accept that loose monetary policies, not just "global factors", are a proximate cause?
Budget doesn't sufficiently acknowledge the fiscal deficit or inflation problem, I argue.
Even though inflation is a "global problem," our inflation problem is made in Canada, by the Bank of Canada, and the solution lies at home.
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